• Holmes Cay Mhoba 2017

    Holmes Cay Mhoba 2017

    A bottling from the American independent bottler Holmes Cay, this is cane juice rum from Mhoba Distillery in South Africa. It was aged four years in African ex-whiskey casks then bottled at 59% ABV.

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  • Barrell Rum Private Release J552

    Barrell Rum Private Release J552

    Barrell, famous for their blended whiskeys, has also put out some blended rums. Each blend contains rums from Barbados, Jamaica, Guyana, and Martinique. This particular blend, labeled J552, is 55% Jamaican rum and was finished in a pear brandy cask. It was bottled at 63.97%.

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  • Kill Devil Bellevue 1998 (58.8%)

    Kill Devil Bellevue 1998 (58.8%)

    This rum’s history isn’t very clear, save for the fact that it was distilled in 1998 by Hervé Damoiseau, aged partially on the island, and sold to the Main Rum Company sometime in the mid 00’s where it would continue to age in the Netherlands until bottling.

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