Compagnie Des Indes TDL 2003 20yr

Trinidad Distillers Limited – #2


This rum was distilled from molasses in April of 2003, aged in an ex-bourbon barrel for twenty years, and bottled in August of 2023. The exact proportion of tropical and continental aging is unknown, but I’m guessing based on the color that this spent a good portion of its maturation in France. Its unreduced alcohol content is 61.7%.


The nose makes it evident that we’re starting to move into minty menthol territory, a note that’s apparently endemic to early 2000s TDL. Mixed in with those herbal aromas are some ripe pear, bitter orange peel, fruity candy, and a little bit of earth, though less than the 2005.

There’s an initial burst of acidity on the palate which subsides into sweet mango and passionfruit. Then, huge mint and menthol notes like an intense cough drop. With a little water, it starts to bear an uncanny resemblance to Mike & Ike’s candy.


Wow, this is great. The three-way balance between herbal, fruity, and oaky is exquisite. My sample size on Trinidadian rums is small, but this may be the best I’ve had. It’s a little pricy, but it can still be found among European retailers and is well worth the splurge. (8/10)

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