Rhum Attitude TDL 2005 18yr

Trinidad Distillers Limited – #1


Trinidad Distillers Limited is the only distillery currently operating in the nation of Trinidad and Tobago. It belongs to the House of Angostura, which is itself a subsidiary of the larger company Angostura Holdings.

Back in the spring of 2023, I tried an eight-year-old TDL from American IB Raising Glasses which exceeded my expectations. With the help of some generous friends, I’m able to enjoy a few of TDL’s older expressions today. 

First up is a 2005 from French retailer and bottler Rhum Attitude. It was column distilled from molasses, aged ten years in the tropics, aged an additional eight years in the United Kingdom, and bottled without dilution at 64.1%.


On the nose, I get Sichuan peppercorn, black licorice, freshly tilled soil, and rubber. There’s also this old cabin vibe—like walking into one with no air conditioning and lots of natural wood furniture.

The palate is unexpectedly creamy and sweet. I get mango lassi, ripe pear, black licorice, rubber, and Sichuan peppercorn. It drinks pretty well at proof, and I felt that water did more harm than good.


I like it! I see what folks mean when they point out mango notes on old TDL, and boy, do I love mango flavors in spirits. Though the nose and palate were different from each other, each felt a little one-dimensional in its own way. A good start to the series, but the best is still to come. (6/10)

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