Laurichesse “Le Chai de Mon Père” Fût 104

Le Chai Laurichesse – #2


Fût 104 from the “Dad Casks” series came out at the same time as fût 301. It was bottled without reduction at 47.4%. Check out my review of fût 301 for more background on the Laurichesse brand.


This definitely smells old and earthy, more so than the 301. There’s petrichor, old oak furniture, black licorice, and sweaty rancio. The fruit is taking a back seat here, but there are subtle hints at sweet apple, peach, and dried orange peel.

As with fût 301, the continuity from nose to palate is pretty seamless. I get some earthiness, mellow apple, dried orange peel, canned peach, coriander, black pepper, rancio, and just a touch of dried mango, especially on the finish. I’d say this is a slightly oakier than the 301.


Another winner! These casks are more similar than they are different, but each still manages to feel distinct. If you’re looking for a little less fruit and a little more oak, this may be the way to go. For me, I think I prefer the 301, but they’re neck and neck. (8/10)

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