Jean-Luc Pasquet Trésors de Famille “Le Cognac de Claude” Lot 84

JLP Across the Decades – #2


This Grande Champagne cognac was distilled in the village of Angeac-Champagne from the grapes of a 1984 harvest. It was bottled without additives (as are all cognacs from the Pasquets) at 49.8%.


On the nose, I get brown sugar, Red Delicious apple, dark sweet cherry, plum, white pepper, vanilla, golden brown marshmallow, lemon candy, eucalyptus, petrichor, and antique hardwood furniture.

Going for a sip, I’m greeted by a mix of earthy, fruity, and confectionary flavors. There’s old wood, eucalyptus, apple, cherry, plum, marshmallow, and vanilla. Despite the sweet-sounding notes, it’s quite dry and woody.


I think I enjoy the flavors of the “D’Eraville” more, but this has a better overall presentation. The flavors meld together more cohesively, the sensation on the palate is more full, and it doesn’t have that unpleasant bitterness. Good work, Claude! (7/10)

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