Bologne Flora Antillarum 2014


At last, I have the opportunity to try some aged Bologne! This bottling from Velier is a blend of three different casks. One was distilled in 2013 and aged in new oak, and the other two were distilled in 2014 and aged in ex-cognac. All three were aged at the distillery before blending and bottling at 54.9%.


On the nose, I get cocoa powder, vanilla, freshly made waffles, slightly browned apple core, roasted sweet potato, dried flower petals, mulch, and wet leaves.

The palate is pretty similar: cocoa powder, vanilla, licorice, dried apple, raisin, black pepper, roasted sweet potato, hardwood smoke, and mellow oak.


It’s fine. It lacks the vibrancy of Bologne’s enchanting unaged offerings, but also the depth and richness of longer aged rhums. For an agricole in the “not unaged but also not super old” category, it isn’t bad.

The elephant in the room here is the price, which floats around (but usually above) €180. I’ve gotten used to paying the “Velier tax” because many of the company’s bottlings really are exceptional, but in this case it feels unmerited. With so many fantastic spirits available for so much less, I just don’t see any reason to buy this. (6/10)