Dakabend Pot Still Rum Blanco


Dakabend is produced near the village of San Cristóbal Lachiroag, Oaxaca by the same folks behind Tobsa mezcal. Their rums are double pot distilled from fresh, high altitude, wild fermented cane juice. This unaged expression was bottled at 49%.


The nose is splendidly weird and savory. I get olives, lemon-flavored Greek yogurt, dried flower petals, fresh hay, Carmex lip balm, and tons of herbs: dill, oregano, fennel, cardamom, coriander, and lemongrass, to name a few. This isn’t a far cry from Puro de Surales, which I love.

Herbs take center stage on the palate. Dill, oregano, fennel, and coriander abound, plus dried flower petals, olives, and hardwood smoke. I wouldn’t call it fruity, but there’s at least a little citrus in there, and maybe some banana peel, too. It’s mildly sweet in the way some cane juice rums are.


Another Oaxacan winner! This totally keeps up with other Oaxacan rums I’ve tried like Cañada and Paranubes. In terms of funk, it’s somewhere between the two. I don’t feel that this is being hurt too much by the relatively low proof, though less dilution certainly wouldn’t hurt. Nicely done! (6/10)