Giboin 2005 – 2007 – 2009 Borderies Cognac (Aficionados x Fine Drams)


The Giboin we know today is the result of a marriage. Anne-Marie Lambert, whose family produced cognac in l’Hermitage (within the Borderies cru), was wed to Michel Giboin in 1953 – his family’s vineyards were in Apremont, nestled in the Fins Bois cru. Both vineyards are now overseen by the Giboin family, with brothers Théophile and Pierre-Louis at the helm since 2020.

This expression is a blend of three Borderies vintages: 2005, 2007, and 2009. It was bottled as a collaboration between the Aficionados Group and Fine Drams at a punchy 57.7% 


On the nose, I get limestone, banana peel, orange essence, raisins, jasmine, hydrangea, crushed tree leaves, clove, and brioche. I would not have guessed that this has such a high ABV based on the nose alone.

The palate is floral and dry, but not intensely oaky. I taste jasmine and hydrangea again, followed by banana bread, brioche with apricot preserves, peach, apple skins, clove, star anise, bergamot, and caramel. It’s weirdly reminiscent of Worthy Park, specifically the 2007 WPL from Habitation Velier


It’s good yak! This a little more hot and spunky than I’m used to in cognac, but I enjoy its unique floral and fruity qualities. If you’re contemplating a Fine Drams order, I’d say it’s worth throwing one of these in your cart. (6/10)