Charley’s J.B. Overproof


Charley’s J.B. is a white overproof rum distributed only in Jamaica by J. Wray & Nephew Limited. Relative to similar products like Rum Fire, we don’t know much about its production details, including the distillery (or distilleries) where it’s made. All the bottle tells is that it’s “born in the canefields of Trelawny” and bottled at 63%.


The nose offers a nice mix of fruity and vegetal aromas. There’s mango, banana peel, raw squash, corn husks, tomato leaves, olive brine, bubblegum, faint smoke, and some sea breeze.

On the palate, I first pick up on candy and fruit flavors like banana Laffy Taffy, bubblegum, mango, and lime peel. The vegetal aromas from the nose come across like succotash on the palate with notes of sweet corn and stewed tomatoes. The olive brine and sea breeze notes also return, combining with the other flavors to produce an almost clairin-adjacent experience.


Good stuff! This was generously sent to me as a mystery sample from a friend who recently visited Jamaica (hence the image), and I’m glad he sent enough for me to give this a fair shake with the blindfold off. It doesn’t quite keep up with giants like Rum Fire or Rum Bar, but it really isn’t far behind. If you find yourself in Jamaica, don’t pass up the opportunity to grab a bottle of this. (6/10)