Habitation Velier Monymusk MMW 2015 7yr (Cask 960)


Among Habitation Velier’s 2023 single casks are four rums from Clarendon Distillery. Today’s selection is cask 960 of the MMW marque (Monymusk Wedderburn). It was made from molasses with the distillery’s Vendome and Calandria-i pot stills, which, combined with a longer fermentation period, results in an ester count of 250-300 gl/hL AA prior to aging. Cask 960 was aged seven years at the distillery and bottled at 60.5%.


On the nose, I get lots of fresh wood, clove, cinnamon, dried ginger, menthol, dried leaves (like an autumn leaf pile), and artificial cherry flavoring.

My experience of the palate is very different with and without water. On its own, I mostly taste dry wood, black pepper, black tea, and spices like clove, cinnamon, and coriander. With water, I find more notes like cherry-flavored hard candy, coffee, cola, and sweet orange juice. 


Things were looking bleak for this one before I added some water, but thankfully it sprang to life with a little dilution. Tropically aged Clarendon has never been my thing, but this makes a good showing. I enjoy it for what it is, but I don’t plan to seek out a full bottle, especially given the price. Unaged MLC remains on its throne another day. (6/10)