Stolen Overproof Rum


This release is pretty old and difficult to come by, so I’ll keep the review quick. Stolen Overproof is Hampden distillate aged six years at the distillery and sold in 375ml bottles at 61.5%. The consensus seems to be that this is LROK and not HLCF, but who really knows?


On the nose, I get cherry cola, grilled pineapple, passionfruit, overripe banana, cilantro, fancy hand soap, fresh rainfall, and some earthy campfire aromas. 

On the palate, the cola comes to the fore, followed by a smoothie with pineapple, passionfruit, lime, Fuji apple, and orange blossom honey. I also get a sort of metallic note, which is unusual in my experience of Hampden but not off-putting.


This is great. It’s low cost, high strength, and high flavor Hampden. If there are still bottles on your local store’s shelf, go buy them. Here’s a meme. Bye! (7/10)