Clairin Vieux Sajous 5yr (Ex-Caroni)


I’m pretty sure I’ve made up for my clairin review deficit at this point, but let’s throw one more in just for good measure. This clairin, a 2017 Sajous, was aged five years in ex-Caroni barrels and bottled by La Maison & Velier at 52.14%.


On the nose, I get fig preserves, bergamot, fruit leather, overripe banana, black olives, black pepper, clove, unlit lump charcoal, plastic ball pit, tar, and rubber. It’s a bit closed on its own, but water opens it up nicely.

The palate leads with fig preserves, then raisins, Medjool dates, Gala apples, overripe banana, black olives, Lady Grey tea, high quality black licorice, and a little bit of brine. There are some plastic and motor oil notes as well, but they take a back seat to the more organic, fruity notes.


Very nice! Despite the longer aging time, I find this more Sajous-y than the Sajous aged 29 months in ex-sherry. The Caroni influence is quite apparent, yet somehow the cask manages to complement the qualities of distillate without smothering them. My preference is still lies with unaged clairin, but among the aged expressions, this is one of the better ones I’ve tried. (7/10)