Golden Devil New Yarmouth 1994 26yr


With the recent release of the Aficionados x Fine Drams New Yarmouths, I was reminded of a neglected NYE sample from the same year on my shelf. This rum was column distilled from molasses, aged twenty-six years in ex-bourbon barrels (the vast majority of that time being spent in a tropical climate), and bottled by Golden Devil at a cask strength of 66.3%.


On the nose, I get sandalwood, old leather-bound books, tobacco, star anise, allspice, black pepper, geosmin, cocoa powder, and freshly-baked pastries.

The palate is dry, intense, and about as oaky as expected. I taste lots of spice like cinnamon and allspice at first, followed by orange juice and zest, chocolate milk (more Carnation than Yoo-hoo), Red Delicious apple, geosmin, and cherry flavored candy.


I haven’t come across a New Yarmouth I dislike, and this is no exception. The closest point of reference I have for this is the Kill Devil Bellevue ’98, which makes sense as both rums are really old, column distilled, and made from molasses. As much as I enjoy rums like these, they tend to be very expensive and, to be honest, not quite as exciting for me. No doubt, this is a lovely old rum, but I think I prefer my New Yarmouths on the younger, more estery side. (7/10)