Rhum J.M Blanc (55%)

J.M 55% was a benchmark rum for me. It was one of the first agricoles I tasted, and perhaps the very first I loved. Just when I was getting into reviews, it became unavailable near me due to a distribution issue. After nearly two years, it’s finally back on local shelves, so it’s time to get reacquainted. This rhum was column distilled from cane juice and bottled unaged at 55%.


The nose presents lots of mineral and organic notes: sea breeze, Play-Doh, mossy rocks, freshly plucked tree leaves that you crushed up for no reason, green cardamom pods, flower stems, and some olives. 

On the palate, I get a prominent apple juice note followed by grapefruit, green cardamom pods, seawater, fennel, and just a touch of cigarette smoke. It’s soft, lush, and eminently drinkable.


This is a beautiful and easygoing agricole. As much as I love the still strength face melters, I find 55-60% to be the ideal range for a balance of character and drinkability among AOC agricoles. Skip the lower proof J.M blancs and grab some of this – get cane syrup and limes, too. (7/10)