S.B.S Guyana PM Single Origin (Unaged)


Time from everybody’s favorite rum that tastes like the vegetables you forgot in the back of your refrigerator: unaged Port Mourant! This rum was distilled from molasses using Guyana’s famous Port Mourant wooden pot still and bottled without any aging at 57%.


There are lots of vegetables and other savory foods on the nose, but they aren’t quite as rotten as I expected. I get cabbage, brussels sprouts, celery, mushrooms, cheddar cheese powder, some flowers, and a little minerality. This immediately reminds me a whole lot of the Hamilton Guyana single casks, both Port Mourant and Versailles.

The palate is intensely vegetal, savory, and slightly sweet. I get root vegetables like radish and turnip, raw mushrooms, funky Italian cheese like Asiago, birthday cake with vanilla frosting, artificial orange flavoring, ripe bananas, and chocolate with butyric acid.


Delightfully weird! I know I’m the guy with scuffed takes on Guyanese rum, but I  like this a lot. It has its own style of savory, vegetal funk, and my only complaint is that there isn’t more of it. While I wouldn’t say I’m completely blown away, I definitely enjoy it and would recommend it to fans of weird, unaged rum. Unaged DHE when? (7/10)