Habitation Velier Worthy Park 2007 (WPL)


Before Worthy Park began bottling its own single barrel rums, the only way to get old, high strength Worthy Park was via independent bottlers, chief among whom was Velier. One such bottling of theirs was a WPL from 2007, which recently enjoyed a little renaissance from the distribution of old stock discovered in a dark, mysterious cave in Europe. It was distilled from molasses using the distillery’s Forsyths pot still, tropically in aged in ex-bourbon barrels, and bottled at 59% in 2017. 


On the nose, I get Earl Grey tea, dried flowers, nice hand lotion, fresh mint, prairie grass, dried tobacco, dry erase marker, and sweet orange. There’s some mulchy-earthy stuff, too, but it’s less pronounced than other aged Worthy Parks I’ve had like this one from Rum Nation.

On the palate, I get lots of Earl Gray, vanilla pudding, Dr. Pepper, bananas, lemon and orange zest, black pepper, and orange tootsie pops. The distillate has been rounded off but not smothered by the cask.


No surprises here, it’s good. One thing I really admire about Worthy Park is how unique it is among the Jamaican distilleries. It isn’t too much of a stretch to mistake high ester New Yarmouth for Hampden, and Clarendon has even been likened to TDL by some, but Worthy Park just tastes like Worthy Park to me. This bottle captures that singularity very well, and it’s definitely worth seeking out. Get it before it runs out (again)! (7/10)