El Dorado Single Still Cask Strength Port Mourant 2009


Time for a confession: I’ve never truly loved a Guyanese rum. There are plenty I have liked, some I’ve liked quite a bit, but none which have truly made me feel genuine infatuation. Perhaps that will change with today’s rum, a cask strength Port Mourant bottled by El Dorado. This rum was aged in a tropical climate for twelve years and bottled at 56.7%. I have high hopes!


On the nose, I get dark chocolate, cooked raspberries, light smoke (like exhaust from a car), pencil shavings, oyster sauce, black licorice, brown sugar, caramel latte, and some earthy root vegetables. 

The palate is rich and woody. The confectionary notes from the nose have fused into some kind of chocolatey fruit tart. I also get cream soda, black pepper, and some rocks.


Pretty good! Port Mourant seems to be one of those distillates that excels at becoming a rich, decadent experience with age, and this definitely delivers on that front. This is worlds different from the relatively austere Hamilton Port Mourant I have. I think I prefer the Hamilton, but they are so different that it’s almost an apples-and-oranges comparison anyway. Overall, I’d say that this is yummy but a bit lacking in depth and complexity. At around $140, I wouldn’t say it’s a phenomenal value either. Another Guyanese rum I like, but not quite one I love. (6/10)