RomDeluxe White Rum School No. 5 (TECA)


Back to RomDeluxe’s “White Rum School,” their series of unaged rums from all over the world. Today we’re trying the fifth entry in the series, Long Pond’s TECA marque. This has a daunting ester count of 1200-1300 gr/hL AA, and is bottled at 65%.


On the first whiff, I get glue, glue, and more glue. High-strength super glue, the kind you really don’t want to get on your fingers. Once it has a moment to settle down, it begins to reveal pineapple, flowers, seawater, paint, and a little pickle brine.

On the palate, I get strawberry candy (maybe Pop Rocks), green grape, pineapple, banana, lime juice, and crackers. The glue is still present, but it’s playing nicely with the fruity notes. The taste sticks around forever, leaving behind a pleasant mineral flavor which borders on saltiness. This is massively helped by the addition of water, which subdues the intensity just enough to make the whole experience comprehensible on the palate.


I admit I’m a sucker for funky Long Pond, but the glue-and-fruit profile here just works so well. It’s a bit rough around the edges, but its lack of restraint and refinement is a part of what makes it so charming. With the distillery up and running again, I’m very hopeful for Long Pond’s future. If they put out a core lineup white overproof, I’d buy that stuff by the gallon. Until then, unaged TECA will satisfy my funk cravings just fine. (7/10)