RomDeluxe White Rum School No. 3 (WPH)


RomDeluxe, Danish independent bottler and retailer, released a series of nine unaged rums in 2022, the title of which translates to “The White Rum School.” The third entry in this pedagogical lineup is WPH (Worthy Park Heavy, 240-360 gr/hL AA), the second highest ester marque from Worthy Park Distillery. As far as I know, this is the first unblended bottling of WPH, aged or unaged. All the rums in this series are bottled at 65%.


On the nose, I get a lot of organic notes like freshly cut grass, fresh pumpkin, lime, grapefruit, and underripe banana. Then come the baking notes like brown sugar and meringue, followed by some metallic stuff. 

The palate offers more of the same: lots of citrus and vegetation coated in brown sugar and meringue. There’s a little grapefruit-like bitterness and some licorice now appearing, plus more of that metallic stuff which isn’t particularly pleasant. The profile is certainly adjacent to something like Rum Bar Overproof, but this is a bit less rotten and a little more green. 


I’ve come to find that, in the case of Worthy Park’s unaged rums, more is more. This little WPH puts up a good fight, but he just can’t keep up with the mighty WPE. The qualities it shares with WPE are subdued, and its unique qualities (particularly its metallic bitterness) don’t do it many favors. Bear in mind, there are many distilleries who wish they could make anything this good right off the still. Sadly, I think this might be better off left as a blending component. (5/10)