Rum Nation Jamaica Cask Strength 7 Year Old


Another pick from Rum Nation. This is a cask strength pot still Jamaican rum without additives or special finishing. Though it isn’t listed on the bottle or any promotional materials, it has become common knowledge that this from Worthy Park distillery. It was aged seven years in the tropics and bottled at 61.2%. 


On the nose, I get fresh mulch, bergamot, dark roast coffee, orange peel, moss, and bittersweet chocolate. There’s an apple note too, but they’re sliced apples from your lunch box and they’re getting a little brown. It definitely has the classic aged Worthy Park nose but with an earthy twist. 

Bergamot comes to the fore on the palate, giving off big Earl Gray vibes. The earthiness is a little more subdued than on the nose, giving way to chocolate, spicy black pepper, clove, vanilla, marshmallow, and more coffee. This isn’t particularly funky, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s WPM based on my previous experience of the marque. It’s less fresh and vibrant than other Worthy Parks I’ve had, instead leaning a little more into the coffee shop flavors.


Good stuff! This is delicious but certainly not delicate – it’s heavy and hard-hitting, especially at strength. I hate to admit it, but I’ve tended to prefer independent bottlings of Worthy Park to the official bottlings, but hopefully that will change going forward. This is a great rum and a stellar value. Plus, it’s still fairly easy to find in Europe. (7/10)