Rhum Rhum PMG (56%)


This rhum’s story begins with Luca Gargano’s importation of a Müeller pot still to Bielle distillery in Guadeloupe back in 2005.* The folks at Bielle then produced this rhum in collaboration with Vittorio Capovilla, who is famous for his work in Italian brandy. It is double-distilled from fresh cane juice, rested in steel tanks for one year, and bottled at 56%.


On the nose, this is initially very floral and perfumey. I’ve never smelled a vanilla flower, but I imagine it might remind me of this. Then the sea breeze hits, full of salinity and algae. I also get some fresh chili peppers, lemon zest, and raspberry.

The nose translates nicely to the palate. It’s still floral, still sea-breezy, but it’s also impeccably clean. We jumped out of the ocean and hopped straight into the pristine hotel pool, which for some reason is directly adjacent to the beach. There’s also some tart lemon soda, black licorice, vanilla, a little olive, and more raspberry which now reminds me very much of himbeergeist.


While one might have expected this style of distillation to move in the direction of clairin or other funky cane juice rums, it actually moves in the opposite direction. This is delicate, polite, and very tidy. While it may not be quite as rowdy as its siblings from Bielle’s standard lineup, it’s still a fine rhum which earns its place among the ranks of Guadeloupe’s many excellent rhums blancs. (7/10)

* Though originally produced at Distillerie Bielle, the still is now located and operated at Distillerie Père Labat, also on Marie-Galante. I’m not exactly sure which distillery the still was at when this particular bottle was produced.