Rare Rums Savanna 2006/2022 (Sherry Finish)


Rare Rums, the single cask focused brand of Rum Nation, has bottled a number of rums from Savanna, a lovely distillery on the island of Réunion. This particular bottle, a rhum traditionelle, was distilled from molasses using Savanna’s Savalle column still. The rum was tropically aged in Cognac casks then continentally finished in Oloroso sherry casks for an additional forty-two months, totaling to sixteen years of aging. This comes in at a generous 57.65%. Plus, it’s got a lizard on it, so you know it’s going to be good!


The nose opens with lots of fresh pear and eucalyptus. Then there’s sandalwood, mushrooms, and a tiny bit of gym sock, just enough to keep things interesting. The nose on this thing is phenomenal.

The palate immediately makes me think of maple syrup without the sweetness. I get more fresh, uncooked pears (maybe even old high-pear Calvados), eucalyptus, and dried apricots. This is pleasantly dry and tart. If the tartness is coming from the sherry finishing, I think this is a great example of sherry finishing done right.


Really, really good stuff. The sherry influence is present but not overbearing, lifting up already solid distillate. The long tropical aging doesn’t smother the rum either — it’s mature and wonderfully balanced. If you love a good sherry finished rum (which I very much do), I highly recommend it. Now I must acquire aged grand arôme. (8/10)